Saturday, 22 December 2012

Vintage curling irons!

A friend of mine, her mum owns an antiques shop. She told me a while back that her mum was closing the shop and where selling out almost everything. A few weeks after that I got a text message if I wanted to buy some vintage curling irons for almost no money. Of course! i said, thinking it was maybe 2 or three parts of an old set. I was wrong. This is what I got!

Im not sure how old they are, but they got electrical warmers so I would guess maybe 30s or 40s? Anyone who knows anything about these sort of things? 
I paid about 10-15 euros for them.
They are a bit rusty but not too bad so I think they will be easy to clean, and I am going to try the electrical parts as well and if they don't work I'll try to restore them.


  1. such an awesome buy. how cool!
    happy new year and congrats on the new job!