Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Miss L Fire makes me happy!

Sometimes I just get really lucky, you know the feeling, when you see a pair of shoes on sale that you've been looking at for ages but they where always too expensive? And there they are on sale, and you pray to the gods that they got it in your size. Well, that was me just 10 min ago. A pair of Miss L Fire ,Monaco, in black and brown.

These babies usually costs £99.99 and I just paid £33.50!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Saturday foxes!

Today Im going to a birthday dinner and later on I might go to the movies! I decided not to wear a skirt or dress, cause the weather here in Sweden is still cold and now wet as well. So I went with jeans and a super cute jumper from HM that I got in a charity shop for about £2! 

This is also the first in a looong time I had the energy to fix my hair! And this is my new colour as well, chocolate!


Saturday, 9 February 2013

Bye Blondie, bye bye!

Oh yes, Ive done it. Im no longer a platinum blonde. My hair was getting really upset with me (on the edge of falling off, not nice at all). So I let it grow out for 2-3 months and had it in pink and purple just for the fun. But now Im a red-ish brunette again. Pictures to come!

It was fun, maybe some day Ill try the blonde look again.

At work!

I thought it was cute, but its not me.
I will soon show you the new colour, when I can get the time to do a proper pin curl set!

 / Alma