Thursday, 5 September 2013

Long time no see!

I havn't really had the time for blogging since before the summer. So here is just a quick update with photos for now. Im hoping to try my first finger waves soon, cause I got some new hair clips today!

Went to the pub last weekend! 


Bought a really cheap 80s blouse, I think its cute haha!

Also bought a new pair of Freddies, In a size that actually fits.

My cute glass I got from a swedish hamburgerplace

My new hat!

And ofcourse I started the summer with hurting myself at work. (Sorry for the blood)


  1. Fingers crossed for your first finger waves...sadly I have no talent for that ;-(

    1. Haha I doubt mine will end up well! I guess its just as pincurls, a lot of practice ;)