Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Finger waves and lovely hats!

So I tried to do my first finger waves! It didn't turn out as I wanted, but I guess its just to do it over and over until I get them perfect! 

I didn't have any hair products at home so these are just made with some water.

And here is my favourite hats on etsy right now!

Vintage Dark Brown & Gold Cord Lily Flowers Veil Garrison Tilt

30s Black Tilt Top Hat Gothic Noir

Art Deco 1930s Black Fur Felt Sculpture Hat
1920s hat / silk capeline cloche / Philipsborn's

1930s vintage hat / slouch hat / Ridgeline


  1. I just fall in love with the Art Deco 1930 hat!! *O* it´s really really really amazing!!
    Your hairstyle is very cute, I see it perfect ^^


  2. Actually, those were some pretty good results for your first attempt at finger waving! The first time I tried to do finger waves I didn't get much of a wave at all. Finger waves are deceptively difficult to do, but yours look quite good for a first attempt :)

  3. SUPERFINA waves ju!!!!! Och hattarna är ju att dö för! <3

  4. Så fin du är! Älskar den första hatten :)

    Kram, Johanna