Wednesday, 5 June 2013

First go at the new sewing machine and first time making clothes!

Yes, I have at last used my new sewing machine! About time! And when I started I couldnt stop until I was done. And here is the result. The top I came up with myself and the skirt is from a basic 80s pattern. I only had a black zipper at home, so I will exchange that for another one soon. This is not very well done cause I havnt used a sewing machine since I was in school (more than 10 years) and I have never made clothes. So Im quite proud! Im not sure If I should make pockets for the skirt?

Sorry about the messy background and the dirty mirror!



  1. It´s beautiful!! *O*
    I think that it isn´t necessary to make pockets in the skirt...


    1. Thank you! I really like it :) I might even try to make another set in a different colour!

    2. I hope you to show it to us :)
      You could try it with a floral fabric...