Sunday, 2 December 2012

Damn you hair! Damn you!

Today I noticed something horrible: The last few weeks Ive had my hair in ponytail at work every single day, so I havnt really been keeping track of its condition. Well, It is BAD. Lets say Ive got more baby hairs than ever. I wanted to scream and cry, Ive been so careful when bleaching my roots not to get more than needed! Apparently it hasnt worked.
So now I dont know what to do. 
This is how it looks today :

This is my natural haircolour:

I dont know if I should keep it blonde, or give black a try (like when I was a teen)

Or my beloved red:



  1. I love the red hair color, it suits you beautifully!

  2. You look beautiful in red and blonde. It should be your decision :)

  3. Thank you both! I think Ive decided to keep it blonde for a little while longer, if it does get to bad I will try to save out my own colour :)