Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Short hair and red lips

Well, my friend helped me to bleach my hair during the last week. After three times it was a bit... dead. So I went to the hairdresser who gave me this haircut, I like it, but its a bit short so I wont be able to that much with it for a while. BUT IM BLONDE! Even though we are going for a white "colour" this pale yellow will do for now, cause my hair need some rest.


  1. It may need just a little toner to help bring out more of the platinum. Regardless, the new cut and color are very flattering!

    1. Thank you :) yes, Im planning to buy a white toner and see how much of the yellow that will be left. Got some silver conditioner that helped the roots (which is white) so hopefully it will do something to the rest of the hair after a few uses :)

  2. It looks great on you. With the length of your hair, you could do some 1920s or late 1930s styles with it, such as finger waves :).

    - Jip.

  3. Try "soaking"the yellow portion of your hair (with a coloring brush-like painting it on) in Clairol Shimmer Lights for about an hour. It will really help, but don't let it touch the white part, or you will have purple roots for a few days.

    Good luck!