Sunday, 24 June 2012

Fascinator made of flowers!

This Friday we celebrated midsummers eve here in Sweden. And the tradition is to dress up in the national costume and wear a crown of flowers, like this.

I wanted to do something else for myself, so I decided to do a hat/fascinator made of flowers. And this is how I did it.

The things you need:
green floral wire
Something that will hold the hat to your head

 1. Make a shape out of the wire, any shape will do as long as it doesn't hurt your head! Then you go over the shape with more wire so you'll have something to stick the flowers into!

2. The you attach what you wanted to use to hold it to your head.


  3. After this you start putting the flowers in place, use more wire if you have to, and I used some extra leaves to hide the base.

And this is my end result!

 I did this on Thursday to wear on Friday, I just pored some water over it so it was completely wet and then had it in a plastic bag in the fridge over the night.

This is what it looked like on Friday :)


  1. Så fint! Och så fiffigt, det måste jag komma ihåg till nästa midsommarafton =)