Friday, 4 May 2012

Second hand in Stockholm..

Today I went out to meet Corny for lunch and we decided to take a quick visit in one of the charity shops nearby.. First of all, outside they had this wonderful funky corset/top that I fell in love with.
Isn't it great??   
I did find something I wanted, some magazines from 1920-1940 for just 20 sek each, but I cant buy anything this month after moving flat so I had to pass.

We had a laugh trying on some clothes though!

Wouldnt you love to wear this on a night out?........
And last, but not least.. I really tried to get Cornelia to buy this, but she refused.

Well that was all for now, Im updating from my phone right now and dont really know when Ill get proper internet. 

xx / Alma


  1. That's a really fancy corset. There must be a talented visual merchandiser. I think you had a funny time in there. Best wishes!

  2. Hej finis. Jag saknar dig, redan.